An interview with "My Beautiful Man" author Yuu Nagira, presented by LoveLove

Yuu Nagira is an accomplished writer known for her long list of published titles. She has won numerous awards, including the grand prize in the 17th Bookstore Awards and 7th place in the 17th Kinobesu! awards for The Wandering Moon, and the grand prize in both the 20th Bookstore Awards and the 10th Naoki High School Student Awards for Nanji, Hoshi no Gotoku.

How did you start your career as an author and what led you to writing a story like My Beautiful Man?

I originally wanted to be a comic artist, but I didn’t have the talent for it. After turning thirty, my desire to create something was rekindled and I wrote a novel, submitted it to a contest, and debuted. 

I wrote My Beautiful Man less because there was a demand for that kind of content and more because it was something I personally wanted to write.

My Beautiful Man is incredibly popular and has been adapted into both a manga and drama. When you first wrote the story, did you expect it to be so popular?

Not at all. It was completely different from what was popular at the time, so I thought that I would be happy just writing one volume.

What drew you to main characters like Hira and Kiyoi? They have a very interesting dynamic that isn’t seen very much in boys' love stories.

Hira and Kiyoi are the personifications of the character traits I get a kick out of the most. Since I didn’t think them up logically, they might be quite different from stereotypical BL characters.

If you could say anything to your characters Hira and Kiyoi, what would you say to them?

Everything I want to say to them and everything I want them to say is written in the novel.

How does it feel to have your works translated into English? Do you have any words for your English-speaking fans?

Because of the differences in our cultures, I’m extremely interested to see how readers will react to the story. I hope they are able to enjoy it.

*Interview translated from Japanese.


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