Celebrating its Silver Anniversary in 2022, TOKYOPOP established the market for manga in North America.

Founded in 1997 by entrepreneur Stu Levy, TOKYOPOP brings Asian Pop Culture to Hollywood and beyond. Celebrating its 25 year anniversary in 2022, TOKYOPOP established the market for manga in North America, introducing the term to the English language in the process and expanded the market in Germany, publishing thousands of books in both languages, distributing anime and Asian films on home video and television, licensing merchandise to consumer goods companies, and creating graphic novels of both original content and major IP adaptations.

In various incarnations, TOKYOPOP has innovated with early moves in digital publishing, social media, e-commerce, user-generated content, and motion comics. Its production arm has produced live-action and animated content spanning feature film, television and online. Projects have included Priest, America’s Greatest Otaku, Van Von Hunter, Riding Shotgun, and upcoming projects currently in development.

TOKYOPOP boasts a network of over 160 licensing and business partners in more than 50 countries and 30 languages including major film studios, video game publishers and IP owners worldwide. Its core values focus on Multiculturism & Diversity, Aestheticism & Artistic Integrity; and Passionate & Positive Storytelling.