ENDED — Weekly Deal: Robofish Messenger Bags!

Messenger BagOne of the newest items in our Cafe Press store is this lovely tan canvas messenger bag. For the next week, we’re cutting the price to $32.99. This bag features our fish mecha mascot, the intrepid Robofish. The front flap has a raveled edge treatment that gives it a vintage, lived-in look.

Flap Up

The flap attaches to the rest of the messenger bag with two strong magnetic clasps. Under the flap is a zippered compartment just perfect for those things you want to absolutely, positively, keep secure.

InteriorThe interior of the bag is very spacious, with plenty of room for your personal items, books, notebooks, and any number of other things. There is also a second zippered compartment for extra security.

Side PocketThe bag has two side pockets, each of which could fit an iPhone-sized smartphone.

Lappie Inside
The main interior pocket is big enough to fit a large laptop. The one in the picture is about 15 inches long, about 10 inches wide, and about 1 1/2 inches thick. We advise using a protective padded laptop sleeve, considering that there is no padding in the main compartment. (Laptop sleeve not included) Remember, this price will change next Monday, January 21st! Check it out!