ENDED — Weekly Deal: I Luv Halloween Hoodies

ILH_light_pullover_hoodieWe know it’s a long way from Halloween, but we love these characters all year round. So we are knocking the price down on warm, cute and stylin’ I Luv Halloween hoodies for $37.99. That’s a huge cost savings over our usual price.

The I Luv Halloween gang are twice as crude as the South Park kids and way more violent. When Lil Sis thinks she’s the tooth fairy and keeps a dental forceps in her pocket, you know we are dealing with a crew that’s equal parts cute and scary. They have to come up with a bag full of candy on Halloween or they are quite literally going to Hell. They have to deal with grannies with apples and well-meaning parents in their neighborhood who are suddenly on a health kick and giving out…horrors…DIET candy!

Thanks to our partners at RightStuf.Com, we will also be featuring all three volumes of the I Luv Halloween manga at the fantastic price of $3.99/volume! Look at the bottom of our page for the links to buy!

I Luv Halloween hoodie

I Luv Halloween: The Web Series (iManga)

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