ENDED — Weekly Deal: Bizenghast iPad Sleeve

bizenghast iPad sleeveGot an iPad? We are talking here about the full-sized device, not the mini. It’s a really great environment to read manga on, thanks to that beautiful Retina screen. If you are a Bizenghast fan, you are very much in luck, because the whole saga is now available as ebooks from us!

If you have an iPad, chances are you love it. So if you love your iPad, protect it in style with this beautiful and secure Neoprene iPad sleeve, adorned with Bizenghast artwork by M. Alice LeGrow! We have it on substantial discount this week. Normally $41.19, we have it on sale for $34.99! That’s a $6.20 savings that will only be around for a week! You can buy one of the books with your savings! Keep your iPad nice and represent for Dinah, Vincent, and the hordes of unquiet dead waiting to be saved!

Bizenghast iPod Sleeve

Bizenghast Cards Art

Bizenghast ebooks: