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To celebrate this new year, we are issuing, for a limited time, calendars! We have a monthly calendar with 12 pieces of artwork featuring some of our favorite titles, plus a single page poster calendar with our famous “hanko” graphic. Choose either one of them, but choose quickly, because they’ll be gone from our store soon.

TP 2013 wall calendar

2013 Wall Calendar

TP 2013 Calendar Print

2013 Calendar Print

Our revamp of our Cafe Press web store includes a piece of artwork that originated with our Facebook cover photo contest. We got a whole slew of awesome entries, but the one that really caught our eyes was a piece by a young, rising artist named Nicole Rado. She did an awesome piece featuring a bubblegum blowing fangirl, and we just love it. You can see that now in the header of our Cafe Press site.

You can see more of Ms. Rado’s awesome artwork at her Deviant Art website:

One of the beautiful things about working with our partner, Cafe Press, is that we can change products on the fly, put in new products, and get rid of products that nobody wants quickly. So basically, we need your help. What kind of merch would you like to see? What’s missing in our line? What do you think is lame? We’d love to know! Send us an email at and we promise to check out every email we get and apply your suggestions to constantly improve our stuff.

We intend to keep things fresh, swap out products with the seasons, and some of our products will be limited editions! So keep an eye on our merch categories!