International Comics Festival – ANGOULÊME 2016

24477043430_3eaf130bf3_oTOKYOPOP Fam: Bonjour from France! A week ago I had the pleasure of attending – for my first time ever... Read More

Diversity in Film: the Elephant in the Room

downloadFact after fact keeps pointing to the obvious: Hollywood is not diverse enough. The latest issue involves Oscar nominees for... Read More

Happy 2016 from Stu!!

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Why a TOKYOPOP Asian Film Award?

IMG_3301TOKYOPOP Fam: 안녕하세요!!  (anyong-haseyo = hello in Korean) Every year during the heat of summer, a suburb outside of Seoul lights... Read More

Digging up Roots in the motherland Sicily

IMG_2881TOKYOPOP Fam: Buongiorno! As an American, 4th of July brings out celebrations of our nation’s independence over two centuries ago –... Read More

Mascot Heaven at the Licensing Show

IMG_1735TOKYOPOP Fam: Out here in LA, we’re in the midst of June Gloom, where sunny Southern California stays grey and... Read More

TOKYOPOP evolving

tokyopoprevolutionTOKYOPOP Fam: Happy Monday! For those of you who read my blog, you know that I bounce all over the... Read More

Manga as Propaganda

jieitai02TOKYOPOP Fam: It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States, which means not only barbecue with friends and family but... Read More

Comics can Save the World

facebook_banner2TOKYOPOP Fam: Happy Mother’s Day from beautiful Santa Monica, California!  It’s nice to be back in the good ol’ USA... Read More

China vs. Japan: Can One Love Both?

chinajapanflagsTOKYOPOP Fam: Hi everyone! So, the “fight of the century 2015” just wrapped with Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeating Manny Pacquiao... Read More

Co-working space and Cyberport in Hong Kong

IMG_1199TOKYOPOP Fam: 你好 (Ni hao)!from 香港(Hong Kong)! I’ve just spent the past two weeks in China – starting in Beijing,... Read More

Naruto 2.5 Theater

NARUTO_LOGO_1120TOKYOPOP Fam: Konbanwa 今晩は from Tokyo!! It’s supposedly spring but it’s been rainy and cold – at least it was... Read More

Shojo manga password privacy campaign in Harajuku

IMG_0913TOKYOPOP Fam: In Japan, manga is used for all kinds of purposes besides just entertaining people.  I’ve seen manga used... Read More

Sakura season!

IMG_0875TOKYOPOP Fam: It’s the very end of March 2015 and gorgeous spring weather here in Tokyo! Guess what that means?... Read More

The Simpsons + Akira = BARTKIRA!

IMG_0734TOKYOPOP Fam: Spring is finally here – and it feels great! I’ve been in Tokyo the past week, attending Anime... Read More

Four years after Japan’s Tsunami

IMG_0603March 11, 2015   It has been four years since the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan.... Read More

Parasyte – Live Action Film Review

parasyte-kiseijuu-indonesia-poster                TOKYOPOP Fam: When I first started TOKYOPOP, there were two main reasons... Read More

Otaku Culture in Poland

IMG_0228TOKYOPOP Fam: Cześć! It never ceases to amaze me how far and wide otaku culture reaches. Honestly, when I started... Read More

Happy Lunar New Year 2015! Year of 喜洋洋 :-)

goatTOKYOPOP Fam: 新年快乐!!   恭禧发财!! It’s officially the Lunar New Year worldwide!  For all of you who follow Chinese culture,... Read More

The Upcoming Revolution of Urban Planning driven by Self-Driving Cars

selfdriving07Sometimes I ponder the future. Technology is our new god, and what will this god bring us? I suppose it’s... Read More