Taipei Film Academy 2014

IMG_9134TOKYOPOP Fam: 你好!!  Ni hao!  I just spent the past week in Taipei, Taiwan teaching film production – and had... Read More

Gratitude from Stu

TOKYOPOP Fam: ありがとう  謝謝   谢谢  감사합니다  Danke  Gracias  Grazie  Merci   شكرا    תודה  शुक्रिया  ขอบคุณ    спасибо  ... Read More

Honduras fan convention – MEGACON!

TOKYOPOP Fam: NOTE: lots of pics below and even more here on Flickr! Hola from Tegucigalpa, Honduras!! I’m down here... Read More

Never too late to “Pray For Japan”

TOKYOPOP Fam: NOTE:  please vote here by sharing or commenting! You may or may not know that in March 2011,... Read More

One-year anniversary of Philippines’ tragedy

TOKYOPOP Fam: One year ago today the Philippines was literally swept away by one of the strongest tropical storms ever... Read More

Cotton Candy in the Big Apple

TOKYOPOP Fam: Happy Day-After-Halloween everyone! I hope you had a scary-fun All Hallows’ Eve – and surprised everyone with your... Read More

Gender and racial inequality in entertainment

TOKYOPOP Fam: Yesterday I attended a panel discussion about female-driven content in entertainment. While I thought the discussion would focus... Read More

Netflix to start showing ads by 2018

TOKYOPOP Fam: When I started writing this blog, I emphasized that I would explore a range of topics, and in... Read More

German genre films – fresh from Berlin

TOKYOPOP Fam: Guten Tag!! It’s my final day in Berlin, Germany! Next up is France – this Europe trip has... Read More

Manga in London = high fashion

TOKYOPOP Fam, “Ay up” from Britain! This week I’m out in London, wandering the streets of Soho and Shoreditch for the... Read More

Street Art in Berlin

TOKYOPOP Fam: Guten Tag again! So, guess what that means?  I’m still in Germany!  Mainly I’ve been in Berlin, but... Read More

Asian food in Berlin

TOKYOPOP Fam: Guten Tag!! I’m here in Berlin, Germany for a couple of weeks. TOKYOPOP’s Germany office is actually in... Read More

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Courtney Love

TOKYOPOP Fam: Well, I’m here in Toronto for the Toronto Film Festival. It’s my first time in this wonderful city!... Read More

Visit to Japan’s island HOKKAIDO!

TOKYOPOP Fam: Konnichi-wa! How’s everyone doing? This week I’m dipping into Japan as a travel destination – and an incredibly... Read More

World Happiness & Fireworks festival in Tokyo!

TOKYOPOP Fam: Minna-san genki-kai? I haven’t been writing anything on this blog but I decided to pick up the ball... Read More

Happy New Year and New Site!

TOKYOPOP fam – hi everyone! First, Happy New Year! I’m attaching my New Year’s card (年賀状 nengajo in Japanese). As... Read More