Otaku no Video: Shirobako’s honored ancestor to get a new life on Blu-Ray?

Otaku-no-Video-DVDcoverby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass

 Shirobako just recently wrapped. I’m actually catching up on it through Crunchyroll now, and enjoying... Read More

Heisei Samurai vs Ebi Furai Fastball!

Isao_Machii_the_fastest_modern_samurai_sword__bigBy Clay Bohle The real-life fruit ninja is back! Isao Machii, the Iaijustu practitioner fondly known as ‘Heisei Samurai,’ or... Read More

Hosoda’s ‘The Boy And The Beast’ Gets Theatrical Release In U.S.

BoyandtheBeastBy Kristen Olson Guess who’s coming to dinner? Assuming dinner is in the U.S., Mamoru Hosoda’s “The Boy And The... Read More

Lament the OL: Japanese Twitter Comic Depicts Life of a Single Office Lady

By Clay Bohle Wake early, work late, go for mandatory drinks with coworkers and clients, sleep a few hours, and... Read More

Japanese Hotel Rolls Out Innovative Oasis For Young Women To Cry

MitsuiGardenHotelBy Kristen Olson Welcome to the Mitsui Garden Hotel, a Tokyo-based establishment that is providing specialized crying rooms for female... Read More

Quick Bite: Blue C Sushi, Hollywood, CA

AllThisForLessThan25Dollarsby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass Kaiten Sushi has become an institution in Japan, and is no stranger to the United... Read More

Chameleons, And Bats, And Crowd-Funding…Oh My!

Yooka-LayleeBy: Kristen Olson Within 40 minutes of launching, the Yooka-Laylee game project had earned £270,000. Within a few hours, £670,000.... Read More

Welcome To Heck: The Kurt Cobain Biographical Documentary Gets Animated

KurtCobainPaintingAnimatedby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass The Kurt Cobain biographical documentary Montage Of Heck is headed for HBO on Monday, May... Read More

Ghost Stories: Perhaps The Best-Dubbed Anime Around

Ghost_StoriesBy: Kristen Olson If there ever was an anime in history that America could take and make better, it’s Ghost... Read More

Stunned Like Vegetable: This May Be The Next Big Meme

unbeliavable-06By Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass Who would have thought that a Singaporean TV sitcom might be the source of the... Read More

This Stranger May Give You Your Next Favorite Book: The Iwata Bookstore

IwataBookstoreBy: Kristen Olson How much would you pay for a truly good read? A soul-stirring piece to add to the... Read More

Sony Pictures Japan Edits ‘Chappie’ Without Blomkamp’s Knowledge!

ChappieHeaderBy Clay Bohle Interesting news has surfaced regarding the Japanese release of Neill Blomkamp’s (District 9, Elysium) newest film, ‘Chappie.’... Read More

Former Ghilbi Artist Yōjirō Arai Making Directorial Debut!

TaifunoNorudaBy Clay Bohle Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro – Studio Ghibli is synonymous with animated movie magic. Even... Read More

Live-Action ʻAttack on Titanʼ Miniseries Streaming This Summer!

AoTPosterby Clay Bohle Original content is king for online streaming services. Netflix changed the game with ʻHouse of Cards,ʼ and... Read More

You Can (Not) Redo Godzilla: Anno Announces His Next Project.

AnnoAndHiguchiby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass When the third episode in the Rebuild Of Evangelion movie franchise was released in November,... Read More

Gen Con Leaving Indy Due to Passing of Discriminatory Legislature

GenConThough contracted to stay in Indianapolis through 2020, Gen Con has officially begun discussions about moving the show after that... Read More

Illustrator Tokiya Sakba – King of Twitter Pokémon Mashups!

Tokiya1Ever wondered what it would look like if you crossed a Luxray with a Scolipede? Well it’s your lucky day!... Read More

Space Dandy Deck-Building Card Game Gets Funded!

SpaceDandyCardManga Publisher Seven Seas took to Kickstarter to fund their concept for a deck-building card game based on the popular... Read More

Geeklair: My Pray For Japan Memories

6843696225_acfd323d57_oby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass The tragic Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami will have happened four years ago this... Read More

Host our new Anime Review Show on TOKYOPOP TV!

FBFinalTOKYOPOP TV has become a hub for Asian Pop Culture on YouTube with the latest trailers for Japanese movies and... Read More