Attack on Titan: The Real Opens in Universal Studios Japan!

OpenWideUSJ officially opened its new Attack on Titan attraction today, January 23, 2015! The AoT attraction is part of Universal’s... Read More

Another Anime Los Angeles In The Books

IMG_20150109_170853Anime Los Angeles is easily the most enjoyable con I go to on a regular basis. It’s not big and... Read More

You Need to Follow Kyoto’s Kiyomizu Temple on Instagram!

Kiyomizu1A UNESCO World Heritage site located in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple, which means “pure water,” takes its name from the... Read More

Korean Illustrator Remixes Western Fairytales with Traditional Manhwa Stylings

BeautyandtheBeastManhwaKorean illustrator Na Young Wu has created a fresh new perspective of classic Western fairytales, and their Disney adaptations, by... Read More

Up all night to get lucky: Fukubukuro 2015

FUKU15-KWI_gWhile New Year’s Day is strictly for family in Japan, people sometimes sneak away from their family gatherings to line... Read More

A wedding in the name of the Moon…

SailorMoonWeddingMichelle Nguyen, aka IAmChubbyBunny, is a local purveyor of kawaii accessories to J-Pop culture stores and directly via the Web.... Read More

TOKYOPOP returns to Anime Los Angeles!

ala_karaoke_200x410One of our favorite cons every year is Anime Los Angeles. Since most of us are based in Los Angeles... Read More

Hi-Chew To Open U.S. Based Factory in 2015!

Hi-ChewYour delicious dream has come true! In 2015, the makers of Hi-Chew are opening a factory in the United States!... Read More

Meri Kurisumasu in Japan

Christmas-in-Japan-2Ho Ho Ho, メリークリスマス! First off, Christmas is not a holiday in Japan. Neither Christmas Eve nor Christmas Day is... Read More

“Let Them Fight!” Soon you will be able to take control of Godzilla!

Godzilla-GameGojira. Godzilla. The undisputed heavyweight Kaiju champ. Quite literally a force of nature. The movie that came out this Summer... Read More

‘Trigun’ Author Nightow’s Manga ‘Blood Blockade Battlefront’ to Become an Anime!

Blood-Blockade-Battlefront-620x446After finishing Trigun Maximum in 2007, Yasuhiro Nightow launched Bloodline Battlefront as a one-shot manga story in Shueisha’s Jump Square... Read More

Live-Action Attack on Titan Cast Revealed!

Life-sized Titan statues in Tokyo, an Avengers crossover, and now a reveal of the live-action cast in costume – let’s... Read More

Actor Dean Fujioka Makes His American Debut in The Pinkertons!

Actor, musician and director Dean Fujioka made his American acting debut earlier this month in the wild west detective series The... Read More

Miyazaki Receives Honorary Oscar!

Legendary anime director Hayao Miyazaki received an honorary Oscar for his years of contributions to the motion picture industry at... Read More

Become a Manga-Anime Guardian!

Let’s just be honest – Piracy happens. It’s a terrible thing, but it will probably never go away. It would... Read More

Universal Studios Park Hollywood: Y U Not As Kewl As Uni Osaka?

Most of Team TOKYOPOP is based, at least part of the time, in Los Angeles. We have some pretty good... Read More

New Lupin III TV Series Coming in 2015!

A new Lupin III TV series – the first series to star Lupin since 1985 – will debut in 2015,... Read More

Share your Halloween with TOKYOPOP!

As we have been saying for the whole month, TOKYOPOP Luvs Halloween! So now you can show your love for... Read More

I Luv Halloween: The most twisted kids you’ll ever meet

Brattier than Crayon Shin-Chan. Ruder than the South Park kids. More bizarre than the Addams Family. A bigger body count... Read More

Durarara!! To Get New Manga!

A new manga inspired by Ryohgo Narita‘s Durarara!! light novel series will begin in the Square Enix‘s GFantasy magazine’s December... Read More