J.K. Rowling Announces Four Additional Wizarding Schools, Including One In Japan

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Odds Are Ever In Fans’ Favor As J-pop ‘No Dating’ Clauses Ruled Unconstitutional

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Take Your Cosplay from Inexperienced to Expert with this Cosplay Photo Tour

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Star Wars and the Japanese Connection

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How Much Japanese Beauty Has Changed In 100 Years

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Demonically delicious: Sebastian of Black Butler becomes a BJD!

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Happy New Year 2016!!

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8 Movie Posters Whose Japanese Versions Sound Really… Different

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Case Opened: 20th “Detective Conan” Film Title & Teaser Visual Revealed!

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A Look Behind 10 Of The Sloppiest Moments In Anime

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Show By Rock! releases some wild merch: “Itachari” bicycles

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Anime Merchandise Gets Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boobidy!

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Hot Spring + Hot Men = Hot DVD Night

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Why Akiko Higashimura’s Manga ‘Himo Zairu’ Will Not Be Training Men Anytime Soon

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Gotta Train Em Small: Real Life Pokemon Gym To Open In Japan Next Month

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Is this the new Kaiju golden age?

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Japanese Employment Site Attracts Would-Be Employees With RPG-Style Job Illustrations

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Laundroid: yet another labor saving robot from Japan

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Inside Japan’s Disposable Housing Market: Why Folks Would Rather DIY-Not

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Bringing Trains Back: How The Kyoto Subway Is Doing It Right

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