Ghibli Quietly Returns to Production, So Does the New Studio Ponoc

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Incredible Stereo Color Images Of Life In Meiji Era Japan

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Chinese-Indian Co-Production Bond Grows Stronger With “Delhi Safari” Sequel: “Beijing Safari”

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“Gamba And Friends” Adaptation To Put Japanese 3D Animation On The Map

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A Nyantastic Weekend in Los Angeles: CatConLA!

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Jackie Chan To Star In STX Entertainment’s Action-Thriller, ‘The Foreigner’

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Should Shia LaBeouf be a part of the new Dragon Ball saga?

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Miss Manga™? A Sure Sign That Asian Pop Culture Is Part Of World Pop Culture Now!

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Video Series Recreates Fleeting Thrill Of Walking Past A Beautiful Woman

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Live-Action Bakuman Casting Worries Some, Intrigues Most

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Rapidly Aging Japanese Towns Create Incentives for Young Transplants

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Yum or Yuck? Depends On What Side of the Pacific You’re From!

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Otaku no Video: Shirobako’s honored ancestor to get a new life on Blu-Ray?

Otaku-no-Video-DVDcoverby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass

 Shirobako just recently wrapped. I’m actually catching up on it through Crunchyroll now, and enjoying... Read More

Heisei Samurai vs Ebi Furai Fastball!

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Hosoda’s ‘The Boy And The Beast’ Gets Theatrical Release In U.S.

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Lament the OL: Japanese Twitter Comic Depicts Life of a Single Office Lady

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Japanese Hotel Rolls Out Innovative Oasis For Young Women To Cry

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Quick Bite: Blue C Sushi, Hollywood, CA

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Chameleons, And Bats, And Crowd-Funding…Oh My!

Yooka-LayleeBy: Kristen Olson Within 40 minutes of launching, the Yooka-Laylee game project had earned £270,000. Within a few hours, £670,000.... Read More

Welcome To Heck: The Kurt Cobain Biographical Documentary Gets Animated

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