TOKYOPOP at Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con International!

tpop-rebornAd-opt3fBig News TOKYOPOP Fam: The Robofish is rising! If you are heading to AX or SDCC, come to our panels... Read More

5/4/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage05042015Happy International Star Wars Day! May The 4th Be With You! Today is International Star Wars Day, a fan-created holiday... Read More

4/27/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage04272015Manga Survey of the Week! TOKYOPOP Fam: Here’s another survey for you regarding manga publishing. Thank you again for your... Read More

4/19/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage04192015Manga Survey of the Week! TOKYOPOP Fam: We’ve got another survey for you regarding manga publishing. Thank you in advance... Read More

4/15/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage04152015Manga Survey of the Week! TOKYOPOP Fam: Please take a moment to fill out this quick survey for us. We... Read More

4/6/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

AoTPoster“Put me in, Coach! I’m ready to play!” Today is Baseball Opening Day here in the States, but Beisu-boru has... Read More

3/30/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage03302015Gen Con Leaving Indy Due to Passing of Discriminatory Legislature! Though contracted to stay in Indianapolis through 2020, Gen Con... Read More

3/22/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage03222015Illustrator Tokiya Sakba – King of Twitter Pokémon Mashups! Illustrator Tokiya Sakba is offering to create a visual mashup of... Read More

3/15/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage03152015Spring is near, and we are here! TOKYOPOP wishes you all a happy transition to Spring! The season actually begins... Read More

3/8/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage03082015All Pray for Japan Rental Proceeds Going to Tohoku Recovery Projects! All proceeds from the rental of this film on... Read More

3/1/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

NewsletterImage03012015Happy Hina Matsuri (Girl’s Day)! In Japan, March 3rd each year is Hina Matsuri, the Doll Festival, a day to... Read More

2/22/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

keep-calm-and-be-ninja-catHappy Cat Day/Ninja Day! Happy Cat Day! It’s also Ninja Day too! It’s one of those wacky Japanese pop holidays.... Read More

2/15/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

selfdriving06Pancake Art You Can Make! TOKYOPOP is pleased to present these awesome Pancake Art Tutorials from Sketchflix! We’ll have new... Read More

2/8/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

KnockoutsPageHeaderMeet the Knockouts! To save their sorority, these girls have to become Knockouts. Sun – the top female fighter in... Read More

2/4/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

LeoHeadshot2This guy knows KNOCKOUTS: meet the director, Leo Kei Angelos! TOKYOPOP is proud to present this Concept Trailer for our... Read More

2/1/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Knockouts Poster  1500x2250Here’s your invitation into the a new world of martial arts excitement: KNOCKOUTS! TOKYOPOP is proud to present this Concept... Read More

1/26/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

TPNewsletterImage01262015Back again with another TOKYOPOP Newsletter! Special message to our Back East fam: stay safe and warm over there! Cuddle... Read More

1/18/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage01182015Back again with another TOKYOPOP Newsletter! Keep your seatbelts fastened, hang onto the bar, and keep your arms and legs... Read More

1/11/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

NewsletterImage01122015We took a week off for New Year’s but now we’re back! Hope you had a great celebration, and that... Read More

12/28/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

TPNewsletterImage12282014It’s time for another TOKYOPOP Newsletter, the last one before the New Year! Hope Santa gave you everything you wanted,... Read More