New Lupin III TV Series Coming in 2015!

A new Lupin III TV series – the first series to star Lupin since 1985 – will debut in 2015, according to an announcement at MIPCOM.The series will take place in Italy, and key art unveiled at MIPCOM Continue reading

Share your Halloween with TOKYOPOP!

As we have been saying for the whole month, TOKYOPOP Luvs Halloween! So now you can show your love for Nature’s Perfect Holiday too, by uploading photos of Halloween cosplaying to Instagram and taggin Continue reading

Gender and racial inequality in entertainment

TOKYOPOP Fam:Yesterday I attended a panel discussion about female-driven content in entertainment. While I thought the discussion would focus on recent trends such as the popularity of YA films (which Continue reading

10/26/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Five more days ’til Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Five more days ’til Halloween! It’s time for another TOKYOPOP Newsletter!(What, you thought we were going to sell you Silver Shamrock Halloween mas Continue reading

I Luv Halloween: The most twisted kids you’ll ever meet

Brattier than Crayon Shin-Chan. Ruder than the South Park kids. More bizarre than the Addams Family. A bigger body count than the Manson Family. These are the children you meet in I Luv Halloween.Here Continue reading

Durarara!! To Get New Manga!

A new manga inspired by Ryohgo Narita’s Durarara!! light novel series will begin in the Square Enix’s GFantasy magazine’s December issue, which will ship on November 18. The manga will be drawn by A Continue reading

Jigoku Sensei Nube To Get a Live-Action TV Show!

The upcoming television series adaptation of Takeshi Okano and Sho Makura’s Jigoku Sensei Nube manga is slated to premiere in October and will air on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. The new series shifts the s Continue reading

Japanese Band SCANDAL Announces World Tour!

The four-member girl band SCANDAL will head to the United States, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Taiwan as part of their world tour next year. Exact dates and locations have yet to be announced Continue reading

Netflix to start showing ads by 2018

TOKYOPOP Fam:When I started writing this blog, I emphasized that I would explore a range of topics, and in particular I won’t spend much time on the core info of anime/manga since most of you by this Continue reading

10/18/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Happy October! Happy Halloween Month! It’s time for another TOKYOPOP Newsletter!I Luv Halloween on YouTube! Halloween has always been and always will be about one thing…CANDY. However, some fiendish Continue reading

German genre films – fresh from Berlin

TOKYOPOP Fam:Guten Tag!!It’s my final day in Berlin, Germany! Next up is France – this Europe trip has been quite amazing, especially meeting talented artists and creative people.The goal of my blog Continue reading

10/11/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Happy October! Happy Halloween Month! It’s time for another TOKYOPOP Newsletter!Your Complete Fall 2014 Anime Guide! Our friends at Kotaku have put together a definitive anime guide for Fall 2014! Wit Continue reading

Just say nyan: the Cat Cafe concept comes to LA

Cat Cafes began in Japan, but now they have spread to Taiwan, China, South Korea and Europe. It was only a matter of time before they made it to the US, and now Carlos Wong is attempting to make one h Continue reading

Your Complete Fall 2014 Anime Guide

Our friends at Kotaku have put together a definitive anime guide for Fall 2014! With 50 new anime in the pipeline, this list will let you sort out which titles you need to watch, and when and where yo Continue reading

Peach John and Bandai Launch Sailor Moon Lingerie Collection!

Peach John and Bandai partnered to launch a collection of Sailor Moon lingerie, featuring a Sailor Moon Narikiri/Costume Bra Set, Black Lady Dress Negligee, and Inner Senshi School Uniform PJs!To prom Continue reading

10/4/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Happy October! Happy Halloween Month! It’s time for another TOKYOPOP Newsletter!Orange Crows Vol. 2 is Out Now! Orange Crows Vol. 2 is out and ready for purchase!Weeks have passed since the catastroph Continue reading

Cheery Robots with a serious side…

Japanese tech firm Murata has been creating proof-of-concept robots that do novel, entertaining things for years. They ride bicycles and unicycles, and do performances at press events and conventions. Continue reading

Manga in London = high fashion

TOKYOPOP Fam,”Ay up” from Britain!This week I’m out in London, wandering the streets of Soho and Shoreditch for the first time in many years.  Wow, this city has changed!  (and wow it’s expensive.. Continue reading

Q&A with Orange Crows Creator James Perry II

1. What was the genesis of the story for Orange Crows? And can you describe the scene in your life when you received that first strike of creative inspiration for the story?At the time I came up with Continue reading

Street Art in Berlin

TOKYOPOP Fam:Guten Tag again!So, guess what that means?  I’m still in Germany!  Mainly I’ve been in Berlin, but I did take a one-day trip to Hamburg, where the TOKYOPOP offices are.  It was great t Continue reading