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Meet the Bad@$$ Women of Knockouts!

Knockouts_Trailer_ImageWe got help from some amazing actresses and professional stuntwomen to make the Knockouts Concept Trailer. These women punched and kicked each other, were flipped off of a bar, and had bottles broken Continue reading

Interview with Knockouts Director Leo Kei Angelos!

LeoHeadshot2We sat down with Leo Kei Angelos, the director of the upcoming Knockouts film and otaku extraordinaire, to talk about the movie, his background, and his interests and hobbies.What was your inspiration Continue reading

1/26/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

TPNewsletterImage01262015Back again with another TOKYOPOP Newsletter! Special message to our Back East fam: stay safe and warm over there! Cuddle up with your favorite hot beverage and read our newsletter. The snow shoveling Continue reading

Trans + Parent = (R)evolution

transparentTOKYOPOP Fam:You may be aware that Internet platforms such as Amazon, Hulu and of course Netflix are expanding aggressively into original content. Traditional notions of television are rapidly dissipa Continue reading

Attack on Titan: The Real Opens in Universal Studios Japan!

OpenWideUSJ officially opened its new Attack on Titan attraction today, January 23, 2015! The AoT attraction is part of Universal’s “Cool Japan” event, which also features Evangelion, Resident Evil, an Continue reading

Another Anime Los Angeles In The Books

IMG_20150109_170853Anime Los Angeles is easily the most enjoyable con I go to on a regular basis. It’s not big and unmanageable, it’s still “the friendliest con around” as the tagline goes, and I enjoy being able to see Continue reading

Why “Guardians of the Galaxy” should win Best Picture Oscar

oscar-awardsTOKYOPOP Fam:Hi everyone!  I’m in sunny Los Angeles right now and here in Tinseltown, it’s awards season.  That means industry players and haters, geeks and gurus, suits and creatives alike – everyo Continue reading

1/18/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage01182015Back again with another TOKYOPOP Newsletter! Keep your seatbelts fastened, hang onto the bar, and keep your arms and legs inside the car until the ride is over!Forget Me Not – Official Trailer! In The Continue reading

You Need to Follow Kyoto’s Kiyomizu Temple on Instagram!

Kiyomizu1A UNESCO World Heritage site located in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple, which means “pure water,” takes its name from the waterfall which runs off the nearby hillside. It is famous for its gr Continue reading

Malaysia animation and more

IMG_9856TOKYOPOP Fam:Selamat petang!I’m writing you having just returned from my first trip to Malaysia.  While I’ve traveled to certain countries in Southeast Asia, I still have a few key places left on my Continue reading

1/11/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

NewsletterImage01122015We took a week off for New Year’s but now we’re back! Hope you had a great celebration, and that you have a happy and healthy 2015!Yokokuhan – Official Live Action Teaser Trailer!In Theaters June 6, 2 Continue reading

Korean Illustrator Remixes Western Fairytales with Traditional Manhwa Stylings

BeautyandtheBeastManhwaKorean illustrator Na Young Wu has created a fresh new perspective of classic Western fairytales, and their Disney adaptations, by re-drawing them in a traditional Korean style called manhwa.The artis Continue reading

Up all night to get lucky: Fukubukuro 2015

FUKU15-KWI_gWhile New Year’s Day is strictly for family in Japan, people sometimes sneak away from their family gatherings to line up at stores for January 2nd, the first day of business. New Year’s Day sales, of Continue reading

Happy 2015 – Year of the Ram!!

holidaycard_stu_2015_20141231(日本語は以下です)I wanted to take a moment to wish you an amazing 2015!!In Japan, 年賀状 (“nengajo”) are typically sent out in the beginning of the New Year to friends, family and coll Continue reading

12/28/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

TPNewsletterImage12282014It’s time for another TOKYOPOP Newsletter, the last one before the New Year! Hope Santa gave you everything you wanted, and we wish you a pleasant passage into 2015, the Year of the Ram!Parasyte Pt. 2 Continue reading

Merry Xmas from China

IMG_9304TOKYOPOP Fam:你好!(Ni hao)I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas (whether or not you celebrate it) and are enjoying a relaxing holiday season!I’ve been in 北京 (Beijing) for the past wee Continue reading

A wedding in the name of the Moon…

SailorMoonWeddingMichelle Nguyen, aka IAmChubbyBunny, is a local purveyor of kawaii accessories to J-Pop culture stores and directly via the Web. She is also a world-class cosplayer. She has a TOKYOPOP connection: she Continue reading

12/22/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

TPNewsletterImage12222014It’s time for another TOKYOPOP Newsletter, the last one before Santa makes his rounds! Meri Kurisumasu!Assassination Classroom – Official Teaser Trailer on TOKYOPOP TV!Premieres January 9, 2015!Assass Continue reading

Yakuza, Zombies, and Tokusatsu Action from Bueno

Yakuzambie - Gone with the Yakuzambie 2TOKYOPOP Fam!I’m out here in Tokyo and yesterday met with an up-and-coming director who has done some fascinating and hysterical creative work.  He’s a Canadian living in Japan, and really melding ge Continue reading

TOKYOPOP returns to Anime Los Angeles!

ala_karaoke_200x410One of our favorite cons every year is Anime Los Angeles. Since most of us are based in Los Angeles at least part of the time, the January event is a fun one for us. Since A-LA has pretty much maxed o Continue reading

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