Honduras fan convention – MEGACON!

TOKYOPOP Fam:NOTE: lots of pics below and even more here on Flickr!Hola from Tegucigalpa, Honduras!! I’m down here in Central America for a fan convention called MEGACON.It’s quite amazing to me h Continue reading

11/23/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Gobble gobble hey, TOKYOPOP fam! Get ready to feast on some news!Actor Dean Fujioka Makes His American Debut in The Pinkertons! Actor, musician and director Dean Fujioka made his American acting debut Continue reading

Actor Dean Fujioka Makes His American Debut in The Pinkertons!

Actor, musician and director Dean Fujioka made his American acting debut earlier this month in the wild west detective series The Pinkertons, where he plays the mysterious character Kenji Hara. Creat Continue reading

11/15/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Hey, what’s up, TOKYOPOP fam?!?Hoping all of you are doing fine after that arctic blast…as for us here, we are dealing with a blast of another sort…more hot Santa Ana winds! Gotta keep rocks in ou Continue reading

Miyazaki Receives Honorary Oscar!

Legendary anime director Hayao Miyazaki received an honorary Oscar for his years of contributions to the motion picture industry at a ceremony last Sunday. Miyazaki is the second Japanese citizen to w Continue reading

Never too late to “Pray For Japan”

TOKYOPOP Fam:NOTE:  please vote here by sharing or commenting!You may or may not know that in March 2011, when Japan’s Tohoku area was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami (which of course cau Continue reading

11/9/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Konbanwa, TOKYOPOP fam!Hope that our friends under the Arctic Blast are keeping warm and dry…wow, some parts of the country are really seeing a change in season. Here in Sunny SoCal, however, it rem Continue reading

One-year anniversary of Philippines’ tragedy

TOKYOPOP Fam:One year ago today the Philippines was literally swept away by one of the strongest tropical storms ever recorded – Typhoon Haiyan (also known as Typhoon Yolanda).With sustained winds of Continue reading

Become a Manga-Anime Guardian!

Let’s just be honest – Piracy happens. It’s a terrible thing, but it will probably never go away. It would be AWESOME if every content creator got all the money they deserve, but it would also b Continue reading

Universal Studios Park Hollywood: Y U Not As Kewl As Uni Osaka?

Most of Team TOKYOPOP is based, at least part of the time, in Los Angeles. We have some pretty good attractions around here, and people come from all around the world to check them out. For example, h Continue reading

Cotton Candy in the Big Apple

TOKYOPOP Fam:Happy Day-After-Halloween everyone!I hope you had a scary-fun All Hallows’ Eve – and surprised everyone with your awesome costume! (I went as a Bollywood-style Maharaja, but really needed Continue reading

11/1/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

#TOKYOPOPLuvsHalloween!As we have been saying for the whole month, TOKYOPOP Luvs Halloween! Now you can show your love for Nature’s Perfect Holiday too by uploading photos of Halloween cosplaying to Continue reading

New Lupin III TV Series Coming in 2015!

A new Lupin III TV series – the first series to star Lupin since 1985 – will debut in 2015, according to an announcement at MIPCOM.The series will take place in Italy, and key art unveiled at MIPCOM Continue reading

Share your Halloween with TOKYOPOP!

As we have been saying for the whole month, TOKYOPOP Luvs Halloween! So now you can show your love for Nature’s Perfect Holiday too, by uploading photos of Halloween cosplaying to Instagram and taggin Continue reading

Gender and racial inequality in entertainment

TOKYOPOP Fam:Yesterday I attended a panel discussion about female-driven content in entertainment. While I thought the discussion would focus on recent trends such as the popularity of YA films (which Continue reading

10/26/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Five more days ’til Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Five more days ’til Halloween! It’s time for another TOKYOPOP Newsletter!(What, you thought we were going to sell you Silver Shamrock Halloween mas Continue reading

I Luv Halloween: The most twisted kids you’ll ever meet

Brattier than Crayon Shin-Chan. Ruder than the South Park kids. More bizarre than the Addams Family. A bigger body count than the Manson Family. These are the children you meet in I Luv Halloween.Here Continue reading

Durarara!! To Get New Manga!

A new manga inspired by Ryohgo Narita’s Durarara!! light novel series will begin in the Square Enix’s GFantasy magazine’s December issue, which will ship on November 18. The manga will be drawn by A Continue reading

Jigoku Sensei Nube To Get a Live-Action TV Show!

The upcoming television series adaptation of Takeshi Okano and Sho Makura’s Jigoku Sensei Nube manga is slated to premiere in October and will air on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. The new series shifts the s Continue reading

Japanese Band SCANDAL Announces World Tour!

The four-member girl band SCANDAL will head to the United States, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Taiwan as part of their world tour next year. Exact dates and locations have yet to be announced Continue reading