4/12/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Hi TOKYOPOP Fam!!!Haruma Miura to Play Eren in Attack on TitanICYMI, the filmmakers of the Attack on Titan Live-Action film have tapped Haruma Miura (Gokusen, Bloody Monday) to play the lead role of E Continue reading

4/5/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Ossu TOKYOPOP Fam!!!ICYMI, video game company Cosmic Forces is partnering with author M. Alice LeGrow and TOKYOPOP to bring you an immersive RPG game, set in the strange and eerie world of Bizenghast. Continue reading

3/29/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Hiya TOKYOPOP Fam!!!Over on TOKYOPOP-TV, we’ve got a brand new episode of The DOJO! Legendary anime Evangelion and Gundam enter the ring to battle for supremacy. Which is your favorite? Pick a side Continue reading

3/26/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter: Special Reddit AMA Issue

Konn’cha TOKYOPOP Fam!!!Stu Levy, Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of TOKYOPOP, has scheduled his first ever Reddit AMA for this Friday, March 28, at 7PM PST (10PM EST). For 2 hours, Stu will Continue reading

3/22/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

TOKYOPOP Shōjo Manga on ComiXology!With over 50 eBooks available now on ComiXology, TOKYOPOP has a little something for every manga fan. Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and of course, a variety of Shōjo Ma Continue reading

3/15/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Konn’cha TOKYOPOP Fam!!!Great news for manga fans! TOKYOPOP now has over 55 eBooks available for purchase on ComiXology. Get all of your old favorites like Princess Ai, Dramacon, PSY*COMM, and Bizeng Continue reading


#click2reloadWe are 10 days into our IndieGoGo Campaign, and we’ve raised $11,511 from 105 contributors! We appreciate all the support so far, but we’ve still got a long way to go before we reach our Continue reading


Click. Click. BANG!!! The US Congress makes assassination legal!That’s the setting for “Riding Shotgun” – the wild, satirical action/comedy series, written & directed by Michael Davis, director of the Continue reading

2/15/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Konn’cha TOKYOPOP Fam!!!Pop Culture Icons continue to battle for supremacy in our brand new show, The DOJO!  Check out the results so far: J-Pop vs K-Pop – K-Pop is ahead by just 15 votes Mario vs S Continue reading

2/8/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Konn’cha TOKYOPOP Fam!!!From creator Dan Hipp, Gyakushu! is a glorious lullaby to fans of the blood-soaked samurai story. The Thief, the tragic lead character in this tale, is a bandaged shell of a ma Continue reading

2/1/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Konn’cha TOKYOPOP Fam!!!Pop Culture Icons continue to battle for supremacy in our brand new show, The DOJO! Last week’s battle, Mario vs Sonic, has the speedy blue hedgehog with a firm lead. If you Continue reading

1/25/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Hi TOKYOPOP Fam!!!TOKYOPOP is helping to settle Pop Culture debates once and for all with our brand new show, The DOJO! Last week’s battle, J-Pop vs K-Pop, is still neck and neck. If you haven’t vot Continue reading

TOKYOPOP Journals/Sketchbooks!

We live in a time when the world is very digital. Computers, smartphones, tablets…it seems like the simple act of putting pen or pencil to paper is very foreign to our existence at this point. Yet w Continue reading

1/18/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Hey TOKYOPOP Fam!!!Ever get into an argument with your otaku friends about which is better: Jpop or Kpop? Anime or Manga? Gundam or Evangelion? We here at TOKYOPOP have created a brand new show to se Continue reading

1/8/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Hey TOKYOPOP Fam!!!How’s everyone holding up in 2014 so far? Keeping your resolutions? Well, our resolution is to keep building our TOKYOPOP family and community of Asian Pop Culture lovers, support Continue reading

1/1/2014 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   2014 “Year of the Horse” Happy 2014 TOKYOPOP Fam!!!Today is officially the first day of the Year of the Horse!  And we’re not horsin’ around at TOKYOPOP.  To all the “neigh”-say Continue reading

Gotta love the Messenger Bags!

Speaking for myself alone, I love these messenger bags. So much so, that I want the rest of you to love them too. We sell them for $31.99. This bag features your choice of design: our fish mecha masco Continue reading

Hungry for more? Enlist in Psy-Comm!

So you’ve read the Hunger Games books, and seen both movies. It’s a long way to wait until Mockingjay part 1. So what do you do in the mean time? Check out Psy-Comm. Lock and load with the Psychic Continue reading

Tentacle monster on your holiday table…

This is meant as a holiday party dish. However, it looks like a kaiju. Only in Japan…

12/20/2013 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

Happy Holidays TOKYOPOP Fam!!!Next week is finally winter holidays, where we can relax by the fire, sip egg nog, sleep half the day, and of course open presents!While sleeping in, don’t forget to d Continue reading