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International Comics Festival – ANGOULÊME 2016

24477043430_3eaf130bf3_oTOKYOPOP Fam:Bonjour from France!A week ago I had the pleasure of attending – for my first time ever – the world-famous International Comics Festival in Angoulême, France! This festival has been goin Continue reading

J.K. Rowling Announces Four Additional Wizarding Schools, Including One In Japan

SchoolBy Kristen OlsonWhen the High Queen of Wisdom and Wizardry J.K. Rowling speaks, we (the Internet) listen. And when the author revealed the names and locations for four additional wizarding schools fro Continue reading

Odds Are Ever In Fans’ Favor As J-pop ‘No Dating’ Clauses Ruled Unconstitutional

AoyamaBy Kristen OlsonWhere there’s a will, now there’s an easier way.Previously on “Fantasies That Will Never Happen”, male and female J-pop fans could pine for their idols as much as they pleased, but alw Continue reading

Take Your Cosplay from Inexperienced to Expert with this Cosplay Photo Tour

Cosplay4By Kristen OlsonReason #743 to move to Japan: their Cosplay game is smoking’Ho ho! You didn’t expect me to have a truthful reason to move, but Japan’s cosplay industry is officially smoking! When it c Continue reading

Star Wars and the Japanese Connection

kamenvaderby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-HassBack before the 1960s, most people entered the American film industry through apprenticeships. Usually those apprenticeships were passed down from father to son, a Continue reading

Diversity in Film: the Elephant in the Room

downloadFact after fact keeps pointing to the obvious: Hollywood is not diverse enough. The latest issue involves Oscar nominees for 2015 films, following up a similar problem in 2014 — white-only nomin Continue reading

How Much Japanese Beauty Has Changed In 100 Years

2000bonusBy Kristen OlsonWestern styles and trends have had a huge influence on Japanese beauty through the times, and the up and coming YouTube series, WatchCut has focused it’s latest video highlighting nume Continue reading

Demonically delicious: Sebastian of Black Butler becomes a BJD!

SebastianShowingHisDemonBirthmarkby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-HassBall-Joint dolls (BJDs) are elegantly beautiful dolls made from modern plastic resin compounds. They are individually crafted works of art, cast to order. Items like e Continue reading

Happy 2016 from Stu!!

Holiday Card Stu[caption id="attachment_8228" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Happy New Year to the POP Fam!![/caption]

Happy New Year 2016!!

Happy 2016![caption id="attachment_8222" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Happy New Year – 2016 Year of the Monkey![/caption]

8 Movie Posters Whose Japanese Versions Sound Really… Different

Army2By Kristen OlsonDifferences in marketing from the United States to overseas are actually pretty commonplace. Some are more egregious than others, both humorously and unpleasantly. The changes are made Continue reading

Case Opened: 20th “Detective Conan” Film Title & Teaser Visual Revealed!

Detective conanaBy Kristen OlsonEarlier this month, Crunchyroll reported on a teaser video which hinted that the 20th installment in the Detective Conan series of anime theatrical films was coming our way. Now this s Continue reading

A Look Behind 10 Of The Sloppiest Moments In Anime

Naruto PainBy Kristen OlsonAnimation is expensive. Really expensive. An average 22-minute episode of an anime costs around $123,000, and American shows tend to be double that amount. When a production company de Continue reading

Show By Rock! releases some wild merch: “Itachari” bicycles

ShowByRockBikeby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-HassItasha, “Painful Cars,” have been a subculture of Otaku culture for quite a while. It evolved from randomly plastering stickers on cars, to full wraps and cust Continue reading

Anime Merchandise Gets Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boobidy!

np11By Kristen OlsonGiant anime boobs, also known as fan service, have had just about all they can stand. From titillating zero-gravity laws to weight proportions of back-breaking heights, the laws of phy Continue reading

Hot Spring + Hot Men = Hot DVD Night

Onsen1By Kristen OlsonLadies, has there been a towel-clad, handsome man-sized hole in your heart when you’re bathing? This Sunday could be your very last to bear such a burden, because the broadcasting stat Continue reading

Why Akiko Higashimura’s Manga ‘Himo Zairu’ Will Not Be Training Men Anytime Soon

Manga3By Kristen OlsonWith only two episodes out, manga author Akiko Higashimura (Princess Jellyfish, Tokyo Tarareba Musume) has suspended publication of her new manga, Himozairu. Published in Kodansha’s Mo Continue reading

Gotta Train Em Small: Real Life Pokemon Gym To Open In Japan Next Month

Poke1By Kristen OlsonTo add intensity to your desire to visit Japan, Sanoyas Interaction announced that they’re opening a real-life Pokémon training center in Osaka on November 19th. For those uninitiat Continue reading

Why James Cameron & Robert Rodriguez Have Our Vote To Make Battle Angel Alita

Alita1By Kristen OlsonWhen you’re a simple manga/anime fan, seeing the story you love so much being adapted into a (insert entertainment medium here), can often be painful. Sometimes it feels like whoever h Continue reading

Is this the new Kaiju golden age?

Godzilla2014by Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-HassEvangelion auteur Hideaki Anno has teamed up with the Live-Action Attack on Titan director Shinji Higuchi to craft Japan’s response to last year’s Hollywood re Continue reading

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