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Manga as Propaganda

jieitai02TOKYOPOP Fam:It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States, which means not only barbecue with friends and family but remembering the million+ veterans who sacrificed their lives throughout history, Continue reading

Live-Action Bakuman Casting Worries Some, Intrigues Most

BakumanLiveActionBy Kristen OlsonIn a very Tarantino-esque anti-typecast, the live-action Bakuman trailer was released this week and the casting decisions are not what audiences would expect. Brought to us by none oth Continue reading

Rapidly Aging Japanese Towns Create Incentives for Young Transplants

MishimaCowBy Clay BohleWe’ve received some interesting reports from our friends at RocketNews24 this past month regarding some incredible economic opportunities for young people in Japan. As many of you may k Continue reading

Yum or Yuck? Depends On What Side of the Pacific You’re From!

rice-cookerBy Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-HassAmericans assume that their taste in food is universal, considering that American cuisine is a hodge-podge of cuisines from all over the world. However, they would Continue reading

Otaku no Video: Shirobako’s honored ancestor to get a new life on Blu-Ray?

Otaku-no-Video-DVDcoverby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass

Shirobako just recently wrapped. I’m actually catching up on it through Crunchyroll now, and enjoying it immensely. The series is set in the world of Anime Continue reading

Heisei Samurai vs Ebi Furai Fastball!

Isao_Machii_the_fastest_modern_samurai_sword__bigBy Clay BohleThe real-life fruit ninja is back! Isao Machii, the Iaijustu practitioner fondly known as ‘Heisei Samurai,’ or ‘Modern Samurai,’ holds five Guiness World Records for his incredibl Continue reading

Hosoda’s ‘The Boy And The Beast’ Gets Theatrical Release In U.S.

BoyandtheBeastBy Kristen OlsonGuess who’s coming to dinner? Assuming dinner is in the U.S., Mamoru Hosoda’s “The Boy And The Beast!” When French film studio Gaumont International was deciding which distribu Continue reading

Comics can Save the World

facebook_banner2 Fam:Happy Mother’s Day from beautiful Santa Monica, California!  It’s nice to be back in the good ol’ USA and s Continue reading

Lament the OL: Japanese Twitter Comic Depicts Life of a Single Office Lady

By Clay BohleWake early, work late, go for mandatory drinks with coworkers and clients, sleep a few hours, and then do it all again. And again. And again. Until you retire or die, whichever comes firs Continue reading

Japanese Hotel Rolls Out Innovative Oasis For Young Women To Cry

MitsuiGardenHotelBy Kristen OlsonWelcome to the Mitsui Garden Hotel, a Tokyo-based establishment that is providing specialized crying rooms for female professionals in Japan. On their website, Mitsui says, “the mome Continue reading

5/4/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage05042015Happy International Star Wars Day! May The 4th Be With You!Today is International Star Wars Day, a fan-created holiday that Lucasfilm picked up on a few years ago. Japan is just about as Star Wars cra Continue reading

China vs. Japan: Can One Love Both?

chinajapanflagsTOKYOPOP Fam:Hi everyone!So, the “fight of the century 2015” just wrapped with Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeating Manny Pacquiao in a unanimous decision after the full 12 rounds.  Just like that figh Continue reading

Quick Bite: Blue C Sushi, Hollywood, CA

AllThisForLessThan25Dollarsby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-HassKaiten Sushi has become an institution in Japan, and is no stranger to the United States. These are the fast sushi family restaurants which have conveyor belts — or t Continue reading

Chameleons, And Bats, And Crowd-Funding…Oh My!

Yooka-LayleeBy: Kristen OlsonWithin 40 minutes of launching, the Yooka-Laylee game project had earned £270,000. Within a few hours, £670,000. After two days, gamers bore tattoos of the musical score and petitio Continue reading

Hollywood ‘Death Note’ Remake Gets New Director!

AdamWingardby Clay BohleAfter years of silence surrounding the Warner Bros. live-action remake, it finally looks like everyone’s favorite teenage serial killer is one step closer to the American big screen. H Continue reading

4/27/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage04272015Manga Survey of the Week! TOKYOPOP Fam:Here’s another survey for you regarding manga publishing. Thank you again for your time!What extras would you like for a printed book?Answer Here Welcome To Heck Continue reading

Co-working space and Cyberport in Hong Kong

IMG_1199TOKYOPOP Fam:你好 (Ni hao)!from 香港(Hong Kong)!I’ve just spent the past two weeks in China – starting in Beijing, then to Shenzhen, and now Hong Kong.  This is my second time to Hong Kon Continue reading

Welcome To Heck: The Kurt Cobain Biographical Documentary Gets Animated

KurtCobainPaintingAnimatedby Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-HassThe Kurt Cobain biographical documentary Montage Of Heck is headed for HBO on Monday, May 4th, 2015. I was lucky enough to get a look at it at the ArcLight Hollywo Continue reading

Ghost Stories: Perhaps The Best-Dubbed Anime Around

Ghost_StoriesBy: Kristen OlsonIf there ever was an anime in history that America could take and make better, it’s Ghost Stories. (Gakkou no Kaidan)Once upon a time, there was an American multimedia entertainment Continue reading

4/19/2015 TOKYOPOP Newsletter

newsletterimage04192015 Manga Survey of the Week! TOKYOPOP Fam:We’ve got another survey for you regarding manga publishing. Thank you in advance for your feedback!Would you buy a printed book if you already read it digitall Continue reading

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