Bizenghast, Massachusetts, USA is perhaps the dreariest town in the whole country. Grey, gloomy, and falling apart, most of the people who lived there have moved away. However, a teenage girl named Dinah Wherever lives in the crumbling splendor of the family manor, living with her aunt after having been orphaned at tender years. Dinah has a problem: she sees dead people. Lots and lots and lots of dead people.

Dinah and her friend Vincent stumble upon a ramshackle old mausoleum, and suddenly things get even more complicated. Locked within the ruins are lost souls, trapped between this world and the next. Dinah is bound with a supernatural contract to free each one, or face death and eternal imprisonment alongside the others.

This gothic tale of lost souls and redemption is a fan favorite, and the news that the tale would finally be completed was greeted with enthusiasm. You can now read the whole story, either in print or as an ebook for your reader. And we have brand new Bizenghast merch available too, thanks to Cafe Press.

If you have yet to embark on this darkly beautiful journey, we encourage you. Only we have to warn you: you will be haunted.

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