Web Relaunch is a GO!

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Hey everyone!!
It’s been awhile since TOKYOPOP’s website has been up and running. We’ve been going through “interesting times” as the Chinese turn of phrase goes, and hopefully this light we see at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming Shinkansen! :-)

TOKYOPOP continues to be dedicated to bringing the best of Asian pop culture and Asian-influenced pop culture from other parts of the globe. We are proud of our history, as one of the first companies in the West that recognized the power of bringing the uniquely Japanese art form of manga to the world in the English (and later German!) language. We were the first to call Japanese comics by their Japanese name “manga“, and we were the first to teach English-speaking Otaku to read manga the way the Japanese do and bring you the artwork as the manga-ka (manga artists) intended it to be seen.

We are grateful for the thoughts and well-wishes that continue to come in. We love the people who have been TOKYOPOP supporters…you’ve stuck with us in our darkest hours. I remember how genuinely surprised and touched Stu was by the packed theatre at Anime Expo  this year for our panel. He was not expecting a packed house, and was incredulous when I texted him about the line that was snaking around the corridors of the LA Convention Center for our panel. We were also blown away by how many people showed up to the panel in cosplay…really good cosplay! The intelligence and curiosity and creativity of our fans is a constant inspiration.

We are down to a handful of people now, including me (Michelle),  in this new incarnation of TOKYOPOP. But luckily new technologies that have only very recently become practical are enabling us to re-emerge. Conventional publishing has irrevocably changed, and it is impractical for all but the largest and most established companies to pursue publishing as it has gone on for centuries. But by embracing ebook and print-on-demand technologies, we believe we can move forward and continue to produce some amazing manga as well as bring you Asian Pop Culture in many forms.

The site you see before you is just the beginning. It’s great to be back, and it’s great to have you aboard. Thank you for visiting us! And 明けましておめでとうございます! (Happy New Year!)

Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass

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